Posted by: bartwoord | May 21, 2009

Changing Azerbaijan – Everything starts from a Dream

By: Emin Milli

We have to understand that the world around us is changing. CHANGE is marching towards Azerbaijan from inside and outside. We have to understand that we have to change together with this world. We can not live on and pretend like nothing can change and change can never come to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of the countries on the earth which is in need of so many changes in so many areas of our existence. We need to change value structure of our society, we need to change the mentality of corruption, we need to change authoritarian thinking and attitudes in our families, in our organizations, in our society and in our state. We need to open up our society for values of innovations deeply rooted in our ADR heritage and its spirit. We need to bring back those times when we were ahead of many nations not only of the Moslem world but also of the western world on the level of ideas and values. We need to give our people back their hope and their belief in the bright future our nation truly deserves.

Martin Luther King had dreams and many people never believed that CHANGE of such magnitude is possible at all. Those who oppress want the oppressed ones to believe that CHANGE is not possible. “White” people made “black” people to believe that you can be judged by the skin of your color and not just by the substance of your character. Acceptance of injustice imposed on part of society or the whole society can be sustainable only if oppressed ones accept their status and do not fight to design alternative future. Freedom and justice have always demanded sacrifices, dedication and commitment to the long struggle like our ADR fathers showed throughout their lives.

Dreams of Martin Luther King about freedom for all “black little boys and girls” came true and Barack Obama became the symbol of this DREAM. This symbol of DREAM will become source of internal CHANGE for United States of America, but what is even more important it will also become external source of CHANGE for millions of people and many nations on the Earth. It will give inspiration for CHANGE and will be the beginning of global emotional warming when new alliances for peace and tolerance will be built and forged among nations, races, religions and civilizations.

The powers built on oil and gas will melt down in the ocean of global emotional warming and systems cherishing “stability”, but betraying basic human values will pass away like many other systems in Latin America and Africa in the 20th century. Oil prices will go down and oil will be more and more replaced by alternative sources of energy, concentration camps will turn into plantations of freedom and justice!

Declarations of independence by African states and the fact that black people could come to US from Africa as heads of states, diplomats, businessmen contributed significantly to the changing of the value structure of American people and was one of the factors affecting thinking and attitudes of black Americans who stopped to believe that they deserve to be deprived of voting rights, human dignity, freedom of assembly and many other basic rights and freedoms. They stopped to believe in “stability” and they started to believe in dreams! It is time to start to dream again and to believe in freedom and opportunities for CHANGE! Everything starts from a DREAM!



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  2. […] the Woord posts an essay by one of the detainees, AN Network founder Emin Milli. We have to understand that the world around […]

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